Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chapter 2

As I was saying........the prawns were divine - can't you smell and taste them?

 I chilled out in the evening making another pair for Beau......
Then we had a day off between workshops so we spent it with Trish and Clinton's delightful grandchildren.....

 Faye decided to run away...from all that piecing I am sure!
 All I could manage to do was take this intriguing photo of my footprint - an optical illusion as it is an imprint!! Quilting does that reverse illusion sometimes
 Then Faye finally lost it - I keep telling her applique is far more relaxing!!
 So to Millicent for another day of PIECING!
 What was Faye saying??

 Piecing perfect piecing.....piece by piece...
 good grief!

 Concentration results in perfect piecing...I think!
So enjoy the kits and the workshops if you are participating.........and I would love photos of your efforts and also your groups to my final message...HAPPY PIECING for the cause!

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