Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Latest bedford mystery quilt info

Well the troops have been hard at work...including a new recruit! Larry has never rotary cut in his life but he has taken to it like a "duck to water"! He is so meticulous and precise - far better than me! He will definitely not be bored when he retires soon! He even sets up the ironing board and presses before he cuts.......oh to have such patience!
 A little nervous to start with
 And now my turn to make him cups of tea..the reward for that first pile of 4 inch squares
So Faye our organiser (Yes we know you delegate Lessa!!)..........anyway Faye tells me kits will be ready to post at the end of Februaury. I am going to accompany her for three workshops in Millicent, Mt Gambier and Bordertown.
Roger our statistician tells us there have been 1,500 metres (over 1,600 yards!), of fabric cut up into 100,000 pieces!! 3 metres in each kit with the aim of preparing at least 500 kits!! And all to the dedication of an amazing team of volunteers......and all the fabric donated for the great Bedford Group cause. Stay tuned for developments