Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chapter 2

As I was saying........the prawns were divine - can't you smell and taste them?

 I chilled out in the evening making another pair for Beau......
Then we had a day off between workshops so we spent it with Trish and Clinton's delightful grandchildren.....

 Faye decided to run away...from all that piecing I am sure!
 All I could manage to do was take this intriguing photo of my footprint - an optical illusion as it is an imprint!! Quilting does that reverse illusion sometimes
 Then Faye finally lost it - I keep telling her applique is far more relaxing!!
 So to Millicent for another day of PIECING!
 What was Faye saying??

 Piecing perfect piecing.....piece by piece...
 good grief!

 Concentration results in perfect piecing...I think!
So enjoy the kits and the workshops if you are participating.........and I would love photos of your efforts and also your groups to my final message...HAPPY PIECING for the cause!

Mystery quilt classes

What a wonderful time we have had. I am only helping in two workshops but there are 20 to do! 900 kits have been sold with some groups deciding to hold a workshop. So a few of us have donated our time to join in the fun - and fundraising! To date this year the grand total is beyond a staggering $57,000 for the Bedford group supporting people with disabilities. Thanks to everyone who has helped achieve this mammoth record! Those who have tirelessly cut fabric and packaged - we salute you - approx 3,000 metres of fabric have been cut into kits!
So Faye and I headed down south - a 4-5 hour drive to Mount Gambier and Millicent where some enthusiastic quilters spent a day sewing under Faye's guidance - definitely not mine!! I complain constantly about piecing which I hate and for the record here is a close up of my recent centre seam of a 20 inch cushion  - I couldn't even get four 10" squares to meet so that is why I applique!!!
Enjoy the fun but sorry no peeks at the final quilt as it is still a mystery for a few!

All transfixed under Faye's spell!
Hmmmm.....a few lines to mark
...and with used soap which Faye assured us had not washed her dear husband's "you know what"!!!

 Sorting the fabrics...
 yummy fabrics
 stitching away......
 Butterfly fabrics - the symbol of the Bedford Group

 more butterflies.....

 Inevitable quilter behaviour - I'm sure it is just stress relief from all that piecing!!
 bribery for even more piecing.....
 and I even helped some workshop participants - yes piecing!!
Check the look of disgust on my face - my seams did meet though - Faye checked!
 At the end of the day we were rewarded by our wonderful host Clinton
(Hostess Trish was poorly in bed from an egg allergy).
They were the best garlic prawns ever - thanks Clinton!
Now blogger is not letting me put up more photos so the story continues next post...........