Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grand fundrasing total!

This post is way, way overdue..........I really don't know where the time goes but I suspect most of it has been consumed with the 2nd book! Anyway...........latest news........Ta, Da - a grand total of $39,001.22 was delivered to Bedford Industries by our darling Faye last week - CONGRATULATIONS to all of you who participated in this amazing journey - what a mammoth fundraising effort! Who would ever have dreamed a mystery quilt idea could go so far!!
And here she is with another moggie that she just happened to find on one of her workshops - Faye is obsessed with cats (unlike me who has no interest in them!!)
Faye gave up many hours of time to conduct worshops and this one is with the great crew at Bordertown - Gumtree Quilters;

Now I just need to get some photos of the finished quilts - surely it isn't a mystery quilt anymore? Stay tuned for the next lot of photos and stories.