Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time for another Bedford Mystery quilt

Well the girls have been busy meeting regularly for almost a year........sadly I have been away for many sessions and I do feel so guilty at times that I can't do more. Many, many others are also busy at home cutting, sorting, ironing and packing for the next Mystery Quilt project. These photos were taken earlier this year at one of the 'sweatshops'! When you purchase a kit the fabrics are already cut for you and you will be helping to raise much needed funds for Bedford Industries

 I like SIMPLE instructions for cutting - thanks Faye!
 Lorraine and Deb hard at work
 Lessa advising as always!
 Keep cutting Kaye!
Roma, Helen and Margie...the quiet achievers...oops - you too Lessa!

 Far out!!

Neatly stacked almost ready for packing...well not for a while. I will get the stats of how many hours and how many pieces have been cut for another day!

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