Thursday, December 17, 2009

The volunteer workers...................bless them

Roma and Val pressing pieces in preparation for cutting

Lessa and Faye working hard - gotcha!!!!
(Lessa's husband made a mean ginger sponge roll for all the workers!)

Lorraine and Roma counting and packing kits

Welcome to the Bedford mystery quilt blog! We will keep you up to date with progress and information.
Where and how did this all start? Last year was the inaugural Bedford mystery quilt fundraiser - an idea created by Lessa Siegele OAM. Faye one of our special friends has a daughter who attends Bedford. Follow this link to learn more about this amazing organisation;
More about Faye's daughter later.

Bedford is a charity in South Australia that allows people with a disability the opportunity to work and live independently.

Last year almost 300 quilters joined forces for the first time to raise over $15,000 for people with a disability or disadvantage...............lets break this record next year!!

How can you help?

You can purchase a quilt top kit for just $60. This includes all the fabric pre-cut with step by step instructions. Now it is a 'mystery quilt' so no more info about what the quilt looks like!

For more information you can email Lessa;

Stay tuned..............

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  1. What a great idea! I read about this on Squilters, so words getting out there. Ann.